Investment in Learning

Integrated ICT Investment Strategy

Each year our focus on investment in technology and the infrastructure here at Ramillies Hall School achieves significant, sustained and widespread gains for our students. Over the last 12 months we have included improvements to develop, enhance and extend the technology used to further student learning and strengthen the systems used throughout the school.

We recognize that one of the most powerful uses of technology in education is that it allows us to tailor instruction to students’ individual learning needs, and to facilitate a focus on learning By integrating the use of technology within the curricular framework.
Increasing Learning Opportunities
More than ever today, technology plays a vital role in educating and connecting students to learning opportunities.


With the surplus of reference information and educational instruction available on the Internet, and new technologies making computers increasingly portable, Ramillies Hall School is taking advantage of the new opportunities for enhancing and supplementing classroom instruction through the use of technology.

Summary of 2014/2015 Updates

  • Interactive whiteboards and flat panel displays installed throughout the school and nursery.
  • Network infrastructure upgraded to improve speed of data transfer and computer inter working.
  • All PCs upgraded or replaced to the latest specifications with new computers.
  • Deployed Windows 8.1 enterprise, Office pro plus 2013 and Learning support software updates throughout most of the school.
  • Pocket PCs and monitors purchased for the Design and Technology room and the English room.
  • Additional laser printers have been purchased.
  • The ICT Suite was upgraded during the summer break to i5 with 21.5″ monitors with SSD drives.
  • Additional i5 have been added around the schools to increase pc numbers.
  • School lesson bell system renovated and upgraded.
  • Telephone System Updated. (As we receive a high volume of calls, since February 2015 we have had improvements in place within our telephone system to include additional lines. This now enables parents to contact the School and Nursery even at our busiest times.)


school logo small 160A major change that will affect all our pupils is the introduction of Community. This will be timetabled on a Wednesday afternoon for all pupils throughout the school and will absorb content previously delivered through PSHE (Personal Social and Health Education) as well as Religious Education and Citizenship.

We will normally have an extended whole-school assembly at 2pm on a Wednesday that will be themed each week, often to tie in with the topic for the afternoon. By inviting outside speakers and agencies to these assemblies or to deliver specific workshops, we hope to engage the pupils in the wider world in which we live and to give real-world context to many of the topics

With the whole afternoon available, we hope to be able to offer more outside learning opportunities, both within and outside the school grounds, including visits to local sites of interest, places of worship, etc.

We take great care to ensure that Religious and Sexual Health Education is appropriate to each pupil, taking into account their age, gender, Special Educational Needs, etc. School policy is that parents have a right to withdraw their pupils from lessons with a specific religious content or sexual education. We will email parents at least a week in advance of any such content being delivered so you may exercise that right if you wish. It is our hope, however, that you will recognize the importance of your child receiving a rounded education to prepare them for the real world outside the school gates and give your child the opportunity to fully engage with the curriculum we offer.

The safeguarding of all the children in our care is paramount. As well as the much publicized child protection issues, safeguarding includes teaching children how to be safe in all areas of life – issues surrounding fire safety, road safety, e-safety, drugs and smoking, legal highs, sexual safety, bullying and peer pressures, etc. will be carefully presented and taught, as appropriate to each age group.

If you may be willing to come into school to talk to the children about your job, profession, volunteer role, hobby or interest, Miss Patterson would be delighted to hear from you and we can chat through what may be appropriate for you to do, etc.

Yours sincerely
Colin Richards
Director of Studies


Nursery Events

school logo small 160EVENTS COMING UP FOR SUMMER TERM 2016



All fixtures and events are subject to possible change.