Nursery News September / October 2015

We had a special pyjama day at Ramillies Nursery where all the children enjoyed coming to nursery in their dressing gowns and slippers. To celebrate, we decorated gingerbread men so that they were wearing pyjamas too!
A big thank you goes to everyone who donated money for this cause. We raised a fabulous £100 for Royal Manchester Children’s Charity.


Down at ‘Babies’ we have been having lots of fun getting messy and learning through sensory play, exploring water, soft and hard objects, colour mixing with cars and most recently exploring the inside of pumpkins! We have been out looking at leaves and making collages, as well as painting handprint hedgehogs and baking yummy chocolate ones. We have great fun each day singing and making music with instruments. We even have a song to learn each other’s names. This week we have been making footprint ghosts-BOO!


Over at ‘Toddlers’ we have been really busy settling in and learning what it means to be big boys and girls. We have been practising our manners and being independent in making choices especially at snack time. We have done lots of singing; our favourite nursery rhyme is ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’. We loved getting messy during water play, table-top printing and autumn hand print trees, as well as exploring outside in the autumn leaves and collecting objects for our nature play dough. We enjoyed making sensory bottles for exploring and have been busy playing with pumpkins and dressing up for Halloween.

Early Years

Since September we have been having a wonderful time up at ‘Early Years’. As part of our ‘All about me’ topic we made our self-portraits, and drew round our bodies, labeling our body parts. The children also measured how tall they were, how far they could stretch and we also looked at baby photos of our friends. We had fun guessing who was who.
The changing weather helped introduce our Autumn topic, by showering us with different coloured leaves and dropping apples from the tree. The children have enjoyed using their senses to explore this season. We enjoyed practicing our cooking skills by making apple crumble and autumn vegetable soup. The children have enjoyed collecting sticks and different coloured leaves, and looking for conkers. The children enjoyed reading ‘Percy, the park keeper’ stories about different animals, especially hedgehogs. We made play dough hedgehogs and drew hedgehogs using chalk then covered them with leaves for their spikes.


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Please could staff and children ensure that all power supplies and leads for portable devices that are to be used in school are brought in on Friday 13th November 9.00am for PAT testing.  Any Power Supplies and leads that are not tested at this time will not be able to be used in school.

This is in accordance with the I.E.E code of practice, the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulation 1998.

Harvest Festival 14/10/2015

1It has been an eventful couple of weeks leading up to Harvest Festival. The children and staff have worked tirelessly to bring to the stage ‘Maximus the Mouse’. What a journey we have been through! I’m sure the audience appreciated the enthusiasm and effort.

The children were fantastic. Ibrahim stepped into the starring role of Maximus with confidence and a charisma that was clear on stage. The family of mice consisted of Maisy played by Sabrina, Sydney as Paul, the father mouse, and Daniel and Rayane as the mouse-lings.2 They played their mischievous parts perfectly and had the audience giggling, particularly at their affectionate rendition of ‘Thank you, Lord’. James wa3s suitably cast as the vicar. He delivered his sermon to the congregation with aplomb. Joel asked some prudent questions about harvest time and he also sang the songs with real gusto, and a smile on his face. The narrators were carefully selected because they had a common interest… fish and chips! Max, Sam, Wasee and Harvey narrated well despite being nibbled at by Maximus and Maisy, the mice, and somehow managed to stay composed and calm. There were mice everywhere – fortunately in the form of loveable Juniors! Will, in Year 7, read his part well and Reece was happy to help put flowers around the stage. 4

Many thanks to all5 who contributed to our Harvest Festival. All the food donated will be going to the Wellspring Kitchen in Stockport.

A big WELL DONE to everyone!






Nathan’s 13 mile bike ride

On the 28th June 2015, Nathan Adams took part in a 13 mile cycle through Manchester with his Mum, Grandad and twin sister Megan.
His intention was to raise £100.00 for Manchester Children’s Hospital, through the generosity of his family and friends he has raised over £500.00 which is fantastic.
Nathan received a 6bike for Christmas and was very excited to ride it. He had never ridden a bicycle before so a 13 mile bike ride was definitely a challenge for him but this is all he wanted to do since he got it and as w7ith everything Nathan was determined!
This is Nathan at 10 miles he said “his legs were like jelly but he was determined”

When he reached his goal he said he was “over the moon with himself and was very emotional.”
Nathan delivered an assembly to present to the school on how important the charity was to him. His classmates and staff were thrilled with Nathan and he has something to be immensely proud of- he is already talking about the 20 mile cycle ride next year!

Click on the link bellow to see the PowerPoint Nathan gave in assembly.

Nathan’s 13 mile bike ride