Army Activity Day

Army Activity Day On Wednesday 24th February 2016, Ramillies years 10 and 11 students had an opportunity of a lifetime, to spend the day enjoying the challenges and disciplines of army life
All these tasks were designed specifically to test individual character and the pupils rose to the occasion, battling the cold, in the mile and a half gruelling run against the clock.
They then took part in 3 command tasks, 1 of which involved working as a team to retrieve army equipment from a ‘Minefield’ using 3 tyres and 2 planks of wood. Another task was to get the whole team across a river using only 2 planks of wood and a lot of ingenuity! The third task was to rescue a person from quick sand using 3 planks of wood. All the scenarios placed a strong emphasis on team work and leadership skills.
After lunch, basketball and dodgeball were enjoyed by both the pupils and the army team alike. The day ended with a game of ‘Tug of War’, which involved not only a test of strength but also good communication skills and teamwork.

Barnardo’s Blog

We feel that this is such a worthwhile venture and it will be a fantastic thing to include on their CV’s as they make their way into the big wide world!
We are very proud of their efforts and of the fact that they are representing Ramillies Hall in our community.

Each week they will be writing a blog about their experiences; sharing with us all the skills they are learning and the adventures they sometimes encounter!
Please read their updates each week. If you are in Cheadle Hulme any Monday afternoon please pop in to say hello to them and maybe buy a card or a (famous) cushion to support the valuable work of Barnardo’s!

They are the inspiration behind the Charity Reps’ commitment to support the work of Barnardo’s. All of our pupils and parents have been so generous supporting our events in school and we are very grateful for that.

Please support this week’s Valentine’s Day theme – please bring some chocolate to school this week and on Friday please bring some money so you can have a go at the chocolate tombola and you can hug a heart.
On Friday, 12th February please wear something red.
Thank you for supporting our charity.

Operation Eagle Eye 1st – 5th February 2016

Following the success of our joint Road Safety Project last term, pupils from Ramillies Hall School and Lane End Primary School have once again joined forces, this time to challenge the inconsiderate behaviour of drivers on Ramillies Avenue, Cheadle Hulme in Operation Eagle Eye.
Working with Stockport Road Safety Team and Greater Manchester Police, our eagle-eyed youngsters have been observing traffic and using police speed guns to record the speed of motorists on Ramillies Avenue and Station Road. They recorded the number of times they saw offences such as driving without a seatbelt on, using mobile phones at the wheel, speeding and parking illegally or inconsiderately, such as on Keep Clear, double yellow and yellow Zig-Zag markings.
The pupils have shown great enthusiasm and commitment to the project, arriving early to school to observe each morning’s school run as well as the afternoon rush as parents return to collect them. Wearing high-visibility vests provided by Stockport Road Safety Officers and accompanied by PCSOs from GMP, their presence has had a dramatic effect on the behaviour of drivers with the number of drivers stopping illegally on the yellow zig-zag markings outside both schools dropping to almost zero by the middle of the week.
The children recorded the number of drivers they observed breaking the law on these key safety points of seatbelts, mobile phones, illegal parking outside school and speeding. Whilst wearing a seatbelt is about protecting the occupants of the car, being distracted by a mobile phone, even for a second, could cause a driver to not notice a child stepping into their path. Likewise, the yellow zig zag markings are there to prevent parked vehicles blocking the view of other drivers where children may walk or run out into the road outside their school.
The PCSOs have spoken to drivers to advise them about any motoring offences observed by the groups. The children will be collating the results of their observations and producing a report which will be published on the school’s website and emailed out to parents. The children want the roads around our schools to be safe places to work and walk – please have a look at the Operation Eagle Eye website ( and pledge your support!

Community – Holocaust Memorial Day – Wednesday 27th January

On Wednesday 27th January, the pupils of Ramillies Hall School gave a very warm welcome to our visitors from the Yeshrurun Synagogue in Gatley: Charles Bloom, Marilyn Berg and our special guest speaker, Leonard Kaufmann.
Leonard is a Holocaust survivor having been rescued from Nazi Germany on a Kindertransport train in 1938, aged four years old. He was sponsored by a wealthy, non-Jewish, family from Leek, Staffordshire, who looked after him as their own. He lost his whole family in the Holocaust, including his two siblings who were arrested before they could escape on the Kindertransport.
“Since September 2015 we have been running an initiative called ‘Community’ with the whole school timetabled together on a Wednesday afternoon. We cover the topics and matters usually taught in Personal, Social and Health Education, Citizenship and Religious Studies lessons, but in a far more interactive and dynamic way. Most weeks involve visiting speakers and presenters who can speak from first-hand experience of the topic in question,” explained Mr Richards, Director of Studies. “As soon as we started planning Community and we noted that 27th January fell on a Wednesday, we knew we had to maximise the opportunity to ensure our pupils are fully aware of the Holocaust and how, by embracing the British Values of tolerance, respect, freedom of speech and democracy, we can prevent such atrocities occurring again.”
In the spirit of Community, Ramillies Hall School extended an invitation to the Year 6 pupils of Lane End Primary School to join us for the afternoon. After an assembly led by Mr Richards in which Charles and Marilyn explained the context of the Holocaust and the Kindertransport, the children of both schools sat spell-bound as Leonard told his story and shared photographs of his family and those whom he was so generously looked after by during and after the war.
“Having someone tell their personal story brought the whole history of the Holocaust to life for staff and pupils alike,” Mr Richards commented. “The pupils of both schools showed the greatest respect for Leonard and we were very proud of their response. Leonard’s story and his grace, humility and courage touched everyone and many people have come to me to talk about him and how it touched them, even days after the event.”
The Holocaust claimed the lives of 6 million people – not just Jews, but also people of other ethnic backgrounds, political objectors, trade unionists, people with disabilities or mental health issues and homosexuals.

The theme of this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day was Don’t Stand By and we watched the video produced by The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust in which Susan Pollock, herself a Holocaust survivor, reads the words of another refugee – Abdusalam, who escaped to the UK from the genocide in Darfur, Sudan in 2009. Have we not learnt the lessons of the past?! The children agreed – it is vital that we remember what happened and do not stand by, but to embrace those British Values of tolerance, respect, freedom of speech and democracy.

Caption for photograph:
Ramillies Hall welcomes Holocaust Survivor Leonard Kaufmann
(L-R) Colin Richards, Leonard Kaufmann, Marilyn Berg, Charles Bloom

What Year 9 Is Doing In Biology

Year 9 have been studying Genetics and Evolution in biology. They have been researching the discovery of the structure of DNA by Francis Crick and James Watson for homework. In lessons we have carried out a practical to extract DNA from peas and we have been busy building our own models of DNA using sweets and cocktail sticks. The results were both memorable and tasty!