Year 7 ‘s Marvellous Theatre Trip

On Wednesday, 16th November Year 7 went by minibus into Manchester to see the production of George’s Marvellous Medicine at the Opera House. Maleehah, Year 10, helped us to organise the trip as part of her Asdan course and accompanied us, she was a fantastic assistant.

The Year 7’s are all very familiar with this very funny Roald Dahl story, having read it themselves at home or, this term, in their English class. It was so exciting to see the story unfold right in front of their eyes.

The pupils really loved the production, as these reviews show-
“It was fantastic”. Ruby
“It was very funny “. Sabrina
“It was magical”. Sydney
“The theatre was beautiful “. Sean
“The special effects were marvellous. The theatre was jam packed – everybody clapped and cheered “. Year 7

The pupils behaved impeccably and were a credit to Ramilles Hall Thanks to Mrs Mirams for supporting us and to Mr Morais who negotiated short cuts around the terrible roadworks on Oxford Road, ensuring that we made it to the theatre just in time! All the staff agreed that it was a very enriching experience for our pupils – a really marvellous afternoon!

ERIC (A new name at RHS !)

We are very excited to launch a new initiative throughout the school – ERIC – Everybody Reading In Class.

Senior pupils are familiar with this mnemonic as, in their English lessons, they are all encouraged to read – to the teacher, TA or independently in ERIC time . We record their progress and keep a note in the library of the books they have read, awarding the stars in our assemblies.

This year, following the huge efforts made by all the pupils, the awards will be bronze-5 books, silver -10 books and gold -20 books . We will be awarding a number of bronze awards this week in assembly to the pupils who have read 5 books since September. This is a huge achievement for our pupils, many of whom are dyslexic .

To further encourage our pupils’ love of reading , we are introducing ERIC into our form periods. Our pupils will spend 15 minutes or so of the form period reading with their teacher , a TA , with each other or independently. We will encourage them to read a variety of texts – newspapers, magazines, news websites and/or their chosen reading book. To record this reading a very special stamp will appear in the planners – our ERIC logo, designed by year 7 pupil Ruby Citrine . Ruby’s little bookworm was chosen by Miss Patterson in our ERIC competition and will be our ERIC logo for many years to come.

Mrs Grant and Mrs Archer ( English department )
Mr Buckingham ( Art department )

Army Day

On Wednesday 21st September Years 10 and 11 took part in an Army Activity Day. They started off with a mile and a half run just to warm up. All the pupils should feel proud of themselves and what they achieved.

While one group were sampling the delights of Army rations, another group were attempting to cross a ‘river’ using just 2 planks and a lot of teamwork.

The pupils were given the opportunity to apply camouflage paint to their faces and were taught how to patrol and were able to use imitation rifles which they all enjoyed immensely. Some of the pupils ably demonstrated their leadership skills which was encouraging to see.

There were several other activities with which the children engaged in, for example; the Tower of Hanoi, memory/maths challenge, cross the minefield and the burden run.

In the afternoon, the pupils were able to enjoy a game of football and a penalty shootout, there were some amazing goals scored and two pupils deserve a particular mention, one was Sandy who with great skill managed to distract the goalie and score, the other was Wadi, who managed to slip the ball in the net and took the goalie, Harry by surprise.

All the pupils thoroughly enjoyed their activity day and Year 10 can’t wait to repeat it next year.

Many thanks to the Army for providing a fantastic day.

Adam Walker Visits Ramillies

Despite the rain Sports Day wasn’t a wash out after all thanks to our special guest Adam Walker. Adam came to school to give an incredible talk on his life and how he became inspired to achieve the most remarkable feat.

Adam, a salesman for Russell Hobbs, decided firstly to challenge himself to swim The English Channel. After reaching that goal he set about achieving what is seemingly an impossible task. To swim all seven oceans. The Seven Oceans Challenge saw him travel the world and swim in freezing temperatures, treacherous currents and deadly marine life including sharks and a Portuguese men o’ war who gave him a present he will never forget.

His story had staff and pupils alike engrossed and made us all feel like anything is possible. As Adam says “NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS. BELIEVE, ACHIEVE, SUCCEED.”

The school would like to thank Adam for giving up his time and giving us the most inspirational presentation that I’m sure any of us have ever heard.


On Friday, 17th June, just after the final exam for most of the pupils, Year 11 enjoyed a celebration lunch at Gusto’s with some of the staff. We all sat at a large table together and ate pizzas, pasta, salads etc and exchanged a few stories about some of the memories of Ramillies which will be hard to forget. Most of these were news to the staff!

Mrs Grant, on behalf of all the staff, wished the pupils every success for the future and said how much she had enjoyed being Year 11 Tutor, especially as they had done so well in helping to raise money for charity and showing concern for the younger pupils. They have been good role models, following the lead of Head Pupil, Oliver Deay.

Well done to all our Year 11. We wish you every success and happiness as you leave Ramillies Hall.

New Ramillies Hall Residence Takes Shape During Activity Week…

The pupils and staff worked hard and had great fun building an ‘Insect Hotel’ during one of our end of term activity days.  Using old pallets, bricks, roof tiles and natural materials we transformed an area behind the science lab into an invertebrate ‘des-res’!  The pupils used their design technology skills to drill holes into logs, to saw dead tree branches to size and to drill the pallets together for stability. Why bother?  The ‘hotel’ should provide many refuges and micro-habitats for all invertebrates that are an essential part of the food chain and play a crucial role in decomposing organic material in nutrient cycles.  On the day we had a number of keen residents including a snail and a few spiders moving into the new habitat.  We are looking forward to observing how the community develops and seeing what fascinating creatures take up residence over the coming weeks and months.  Thank you to everyone who helped to provide materials and to put it together during the day.  Fantastic team work.